My name is Peter Schmidt and I am the owner of Zicronsoft. My goals are to create multi-platform games, innovate with computers, and improve the experience of the Linux operating system with user-friendly utilities.

I develop in:

  • PythonPython
  • DebianDebian
  • Arch LinuxArch Linux

Latest Posts

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Theoretical DisplayPort Networking

This is a theoretical idea on how to use DisplayPort/HDMI as a very high-speed network service, for the intended use of headless servers. Here’s how it works:On one system, you have your regular DisplayPort output, which is… More »

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Nearly anyone anywhere will tell you that stealing is wrong, even if they admit to doing it themselves. You can’t honestly justify stealing something with your bare hands as small and simple as a stick of… More »


Quick chroot

Shell Script I created a quick simple shell script to help you run chroot without having to type in all the commands to ensure it works.  Just follow the instructions and you’ll be on your way… More »

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The Unbootable Computer Mystery

The Problem Several months ago, my brother’s computer was encountering strange power-up issues.  You could power it on and it was completely unresponsive.  Sometimes, it would eventually start up but immediately fail after a minute or… More »

PCI-e 1x Riser cable

PCI-e 1x Riser Experiment

This article is about running PCI Express 16x video cards on 1x slots, and the benefits of using a PCI-e riser cable. Note that not all GPUs are capable of doing this, but many of them… More »